Hillarys Shutters

Hillarys Shutters

Hillarys Shutters add a distinctly luxurious and characterful touch to any home. They come in various styles to suit your requirements. The main Shutter types are:

Tier on tier which has independent control over the top half and bottom half of the shutters thereby allowing you to let light in whilst maintaining privacy or to inhibit the strong sunshine but still enjoy a view.

Full height shutters which as the name suggests extend from floor to ceiling if need be offering an impressive solid appearance.

Café style.  A continental style half shutter which is a simple solution to allow maximum light to enter the room whilst maintaining privacy in a similar way to tier on tier style.

Tracked Shutters. A beautifully elegant gliding shutter ideal for full windows.  The gliding track mechanism makes opening and closing a dream.

Shaped shutters.  Ideal for loft spaces or indeed any space or window that is an unusual shape.  Hillarys can make to order shutters to fit your window be it triangular, circular, half circle etc. There is nothing quite as elegant as a tailor-made shutter to fit a unique space.

Solid shutters.  A classic look that remains timeless in its simplicity much like the shaker style cabinets.  Sharp and minimal they blend in perfectly with antique and modern decors alike.

We recommend a Hillary’s free home visit and professional fitting as this is a job for the specialists. Using our free service will also ensure that the measuring and fitting are carried out precisely to your exact requirements.

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